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The Serpentine sculpture

July 2018

Condron Concrete based in Tullamore, Co Offaly, Ireland, was recently commissioned to produce 10,500 concrete double pantiles with holes in them to create a very special roof tile sculpture at the Serpentine, Hyde Park, London.  Read the full story by clicking here.

The end of an era

July 2018

In May, 2018, after 40 years experience in the UK pitched roofing business, I decided to leave full-time employment to work as an independent technical consultant.  Read the full interview I did with RCI on my career by clicking here.

Total Contractor - Unintended consequences of roof guidance progression

July 2018

We have seen many, many improvements to roofing Standards in recent years.  But, sometimes, these can lead to some unintended consequences.  Read my first Imerys article in Total Contractor on this subject and how we can avoid potential problems bclicking here.

Roofing Today - Clay tile innovation

July 2018

Clay has long been one our most popular and common building materials, gracing many heritage buildings and demonstrating its long-lasting credentials.  Manufacturers still find ways to innovate; read my latest Imerys article in Roofing Today by  clicking here.

Roofbase - A quick guide to installing fixed-gauge tiles

August 2018

Many of the most beautiful single lap clay tiles are what is termed 'fixed-gauge, meaning that there is little or no adjustment in the batten spacing.  Installing fixed-gauge tiles need not be scary and this article, written for the Roofbase magazine by Imerys, sets out very simply how to do it - just click here for the full article.

Perfectly Pitched - What do the amendments to BS 5534 really mean for you?

August 2018

The latest amended version of BS 5534 came into effect in July and there are several changes that have implications for the roofing contractor.  click here to read the full article.

Perfectly Pitched - Workmanship - advice and guidance for contractors

September 2018

In this article I highlight the relevance of not only BS 5534, but also BS 8000-6, Building Regulation Approved Document A and HSG publication HSG33.  Click here to read the full article.